Emotional Labor Pelaku Usaha dan Ekonomi Kreatif di Masa Pandemi (Kajian Kasus pada Kabupaten Toba)


  • Liyushiana Liyushiana Politeknik Pariwisata Medan




Emotional Labor , tourism, creative economy, Toba


Tourism and creative economy activities are the government's focus to keep the economy moving, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, this study wants to analyze how entrepreneurs and the creative economy manage emotions when they have to deal with visitors who may transmit the virus, how they stay friendly when they are in a bad emotional state, and how they control themselves to stay friendly when they are worried. for their safety during the pandemic. This study uses a qualitative method by utilizing interviews as a data collection instrument. Limiting the problem is directed at the research locus that focuses on Toba Regency which is in the Super Priority Destination of Lake Toba. The results obtained indicate that tourism businesses and the creative economy are aware of the important value of issuing positive expressions to visitors, even though their feelings are not good. They realize that mental fatigue is not the responsibility of the company but is the responsibility of the individual so they must try to control their emotions in accordance with the demands of work. In the future, research should be conducted in other areas by considering cultural elements as a comparison