Evaluasi Penerapan Protokol Kesehatan Di Hotel X Palembang


  • Mustika Permatasari Program Studi Divisi Kamar Politeknik Pariwisata Palembang




Health Protocol


World tourism should be prepared to provide recognition of the health, safety and environmental security of both the products and services offered to tourists. uasi. With the introduction of the traditional way to develop a unique tourism industry, the Ministry of Creative Economy Tourism (Ministry of Tourism) has announced a health plan to apply to all people. tourist and should be strict. The purpose of this study was to identify the design of the hotel x Palembang in the city of Palembang in the application of good health practices for employees, guests, and others who are already work in a hotel. This study is an explanation with a good way for the triangulation process. The model and data analysis process runs through document collection, data reduction, presentation of information and the final step is the drawing of conclusions. Research has shown that hotel x Palembang has used health facilities such as entrance area, lobby, room to restaurant provided.