Dolung dolung Kudapan Tradisional Berbahan Dasar Tepung Beras dan Kolang Kaling Buah Aren Panganan yang Menyehatkan Dalam Mengembangkan Wisata Kuliner Kota Wisata Parapat Kabupaten Simalungun


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Snacks, Culinary tourism icons, Development


Dolung Dolung as an authentic snack originating from the tourist town of Parapat is less well known by tourists visiting Parapat. This happened because the people of the city of Parapat were not able to manage and market dolung dolung as a local culinary culinary originating from the city of Parapat. Dolung Dolung sales outlets are also not available and the sale of Dolung Dolung is only done personally directly. Likewise with Kolang Kaling which grows a lot in the area of ​​Simalungun Regency, Tigadolok and Tigaras Subdistricts are not optimally utilized economically. Kolang Kaling fruit is only marketed during religious holidays, thereby reducing the income and additional income of the community in Simalungun District, especially in the tourist town of Parapat.This study aims to determine the extent of dolung dolung and kolang kaling local snacks known by tourists. How is the development and marketing of dolung dolung. How to increase marketing and introduction of these snacks to the public and tourists.After carrying out the analysis of the results of the research in the field it is known that at this time the government is trying to introduce to the wider community, tourists through the participation of the people of the city of Parapat under the coordination of the Peparata Foundation and in collaboration with hotels and restaurants in Parapat. Build Dolung Dolung Culinary Tourism Icons from Parapat City and Kolang Kaling from Simalungun Regency.



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