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Copyright Notice
Authors should not withdraw their submitted papers because the withdrawal wastes voluntary works devoted by an associate editor and reviewers. But, we accept the withdrawal of a submitted paper if authors have unavoidable reasons. In the event that a manuscript is to be withdrawn from submission to Jurnal Akademi Pariwisata Medan, a letter must be sent to the editorial office requesting withdrawal by e-mail ( with its scanned PDF file, before the notification of acceptance for publication. The withdraw request letter must include the following information. Paper ID, Paper title, Authors names, Reason why the paper must be withdrawn, and Date and signatures of all the authors (or signature of the contact author). If only the contact author signs the letter, he/she must obtain the agreement of the withdrawal from all the other authors and the letter must include the description that all the other authors agreed the withdrawal. The journal will not withdraw a manuscript from peer review until such a letter has been received. Authors must not assume their manuscript has been withdrawn until they have received appropriate notification from the editorial office. Withdrawal of a manuscript subsequent to acceptance for publication will only be granted in the most exceptional of circumstances. After the paper is accepted for publication, the withdrawal is not permitted in principle. The authors must always pay the charge even if the withdrawal is permitted. Any request of withdrawal that does not follow the above procedure is treated as invalid. If illegal submission, e.g., plagiarized or duplicate submission, is found for a paper, the withdrawal of the paper will never be permitted and the authors will be punished based on the rule. It is not acceptable practice to withdraw a manuscript in the event of acceptance at another journal. This constitutes dual submission. The editorial office of the other journal will be notified of your actions. In such circumstances Jurnal Akademi Pariwisata Medan may chose to impose appropriate punitive action subject.


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