Sistem Penerapan Pelayanan Inklusif bagi Pengunjung Penyandang Disabilitas (Studi Fasilitas dan Aksesibilitas pada Hotel Berbintang di Kabupaten Karo)


  • Muhammad Hamdani Politeknik Pariwisata Medan



inclusive service, amenities, accessibility


So far, the concept of tourism has only been designed mostly for normal people, and it has not been entirely designed for people with special needs. Where tourism is a right for everyone including people with disabilities. Where inclusive services are implemented in services for guests with disabilities. The method used in this research is a descriptive research method with quantitative approach that aims to find out the extent to which the hotel manager in providing facilities and accessibility where facilities and accessibility are inhibiting and supporting factors for persons with disabilities. The conclusion of this study where there are data from the field the number of visitors the minimum value of visitors with disabilities is 2.2, while the maximum value of visitors with disabilities is 5. The average disability visitor is 3.8, with a standard deviation of 0.642. And the calculated F value is 29.836 and the Sig. is 0,000. It is known that the calculated F value is 29.836> F table is 2.699 and the Sig value is 0.000 <0.05, so facilities, accessibility, internal together or simultaneously have a significant effect on visitors with disabilities. And the regression coefficient value of the facility variable is positive, which is 0.441. This means that facility variables have a positive effect on visitors with disabilities. Known value of Sig. from the facility variable is 0.000 <0.05, it is concluded that the facility has a positive and significant effect on visitors with disabilities. Where the coefficient of determination (R-Square) is 0.482. This value can be interpreted as facility, accessibility, and internal variables capable of influencing visitors with disabilities by 48.2%, the remaining 51.8% is explained by other variables or factors


2022-03-14 — Updated on 2022-03-14