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Strategi Pengembangan Food Prenuer Khas Daerah di Destinasi Wisata Lubuk Linggau selama Pandemic


  • Arief Marna Sonjaya Politeknik Pariwisata Palembang



Temam Waterfall, development, food preneur, SWOT


Lubuk Linggau is one of the regency-level cities in South Sumatra which was chosen as a research locus because its tourism is being developed, especially the tourist spot of Temam Waterfall. This study aims to identify the number of business actors and the types of culinary offered in tourist destinations of Lubuk Linggau City; identify and analyze the problems of food preneur in developing the culinary business; and formulate a food preneur development strategy in the tourist destinations of Lubuk Linggau City. This research is a qualitative and quantitative research with a survey approach conducted through observation and interviews with semi-structured techniques. The research data was taken through snow ball sampling and processed using internal and external SWOT analysis (Strengthness, Weakness, Opportunities, Threatness). The results showed that the number of business actors around the tourist destination area of ​​Temam Waterfall was 16 stalls, but due to the pandemic, only 5 stalls were operating with food that was delivered in the form of instant food, not typical regional food. In addition, based on the results of the internal and external SWOT analysis, with a shortage of typical food traders, it can be said that there is a big opportunity for the development of food preneurs around these tourist destination areas. However, it requires synergy and cooperation between the government and tourism actors for the food preneur development process. The food preneur development strategy is based on the results of research using SWOT, so that the typical culinary food preneur around the destination area can develop to attract more visitors or tourists, especially in the post-pandemic period or in the new normal era


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