Pengembangan Desa Wisata Denai Lama sebagai Salah Satu Objek Wisata di Kabupaten Deli Serdang


  • Femmy Indriany Dalimunthe Politeknik Pariwisata Medan



potency, tourism village, tourism object


Deli Serdang Regency with its capital Lubuk Pakam consists of 22 sub-districts, 14 sub-districts and 380 villages. Law no. 6 of 2014 states that the Villages are very important because they aim to realize community welfare services through improvement, empowerment, and participation of rural communities, as well as increasing regional competitiveness by taking into account the principles of democracy, equity, justice, privilege and specificity of a village regions in the system of the Republic of Indonesia. Tourism Villages will be a way to develop villages and realize community welfare. Denai Lama Tourism Village is one of the tourism villages that has the potential to be developed into a tourist attraction in Deli Serdang Regency. Of the 6 (six) elements needed by Denai Lama Village in the strategy of developing a tourist village, they are quite capable, but there are some things that are still missing and require a mentoring process. Homestay development is still not developed. Homestay is important to be developed so that visiting tourists can stay in the village of Denai Lama so that there will be an increase in the length of stay of tourists in the tourist village of Denai Lama which is an increase in tourist spending (spending power) in the tourist village. The existence of public toilets, facilities and infrastructure, sufficient parking space, markings and directions as well as the CHSE health protocol (Cleanliness, Hygiene, Sanitation, and Environment) are important to note. Cooperatives should be formed by involving the community in order to further develop the village. Another thing that has not been optimally implemented but is no less important to develop Denai Lama Tourism Village, one of the tourist attractions is Branding, Advertising (Ads) and Selling (Sales Mission). Denai Lama Village has branded its village as a Tourism Village with Educational Tourism, but does not yet have a slogan/tagline that tourists can remember. It is necessary to make a slogan/tagline that is in accordance with the characteristics and concepts of the village that you want to form as a characteristic of the tourist village. In terms of advertising the tourist village of Denai Lama must aggressively promote both using print and online media to attract tourists to visit the tourism village. This tourism village promotion can be done using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and if necessary promotions create a village website. And for sales , the tourist village of Denai Lama can take part in events such as tourist exhibitions, bazaars, exhibitions with attractions and tourism products in touristm villages. By carrying out the development strategy above, Denai Lama Tourism Village can become one of the leading tourist attractions in Deli Serdang district, North Sumatra province and even the Indonesian National


2021-07-01 — Updated on 2021-07-02