Pengaruh Program Pelatihan dalam Peningkatan Pelayanan pada Departemen Housekeeping di Hotel Berbintang di Kabupaten Samosir


  • Muhammad Hamdani Politeknik Pariwisata Medan



training, housekeeping, service


The training program in enhancement plays a very important role in the development of human resources, especially for the current hotel industry which plays a role in the advancement of the tourism industry. The housekeeping department which is responsible for arranging or arranging equipment, maintaining cleanliness and comfort, repairing damage and decorating with the aim that the hotel looks neat, clean, attractive and pleasant for residents to continue to improve by providing the best service by following training and programs provided by management of housekeeping employees. The method used in this research is descriptive research method with a quantitative approach to what extent the training program obtained is absorbed in the implementation of routine tasks by housekeeping employees. The conclusions that can be drawn are because the implementation of the training program for employees has not been good because the implementation of the training program is not continuous or periodic and the results of the service are still not good. the number of percent of respondents' responses that have been managed by 60%


2021-07-02 — Updated on 2021-07-02