The Local Community Participation in Supporting Tourism Activities in Sibandang Island,Muara District


  • Hasoloan Marpaung Politeknik Pariwisata Medan



Tourism Awareness, Society, Sibandang Island,


Sibandang Island or often referred to as Lake Island is an island that has the potential to support island tourism because it is still the only island that can only be visited by one route, namely the lake route. The potential of this island is biodiversity such as quality mango trees in the taste of the fruit that cannot be found anywhere else. Through this, Sibandang Island becomes a tourist destination that fulfills the 3S principles, namely something to do, something to see, and something to buy. At present tourism activities through the community can be seen through supporting facilities in the form of camping grounds and provision of tour packages for nature-loving tourists as well as provision of amenities in the form of cafes as tangible products and panoramic views of the beauty of Lake Toba as intangible products. However, the participation of the people who carry out tourism activities is quite minimal and only a few people are included who know the potential for tourism awareness on Sibandang Island. If in the future some people do not understand the importance of implementing tourism awareness on this island, it will have quite a big impact on the development of sustainable tourism in the future.