Role Of Badung Tourism Department In Promoting Badung Tourism Attraction In The Era Of Pandemi COVID-19


  • Purnami Rusadi Politeknik Nasional



Peran Dinas Pariwisata, Mempromosikan, Covid-19


This study takes the little of the Role of the Badung Tourism Office in Promoting Bading Tourism Attractiveness in the Covid-19 Era. The purpose of this study was to find out how important the role played by the Tourism Office team in promoting tourist attractions in Badung Regency during the Covid-19 pandemic that still afflicts Bali tourism. The type of research conducted is qualitative. This research take a case study on the role of the Badung Tourism Office, namely in the field of marketing or tourism promotion in Badung. Sources of data obtained are through primary data sources and secondary data sources. Data collection techniques carried out by researchers using observation, interviews, documentation, and literature studies. The Badung Tourism Office has carried out various ways to promote tourist attractions in Badung in order to attract tourist visits to Badung Bali, one of wich is promoting tourism at home and abroad through social media and increasing human resouces by conducting trainings in the tourism sector.