Analysis of the Feasibility Study of the DjamoeLenial Kedai in terms of Financial Aspects


  • Ridwan Iskandar Politeknik Pariwisata NHI Bandung



feasibility study, financial aspects


Indonesian people have started to care about the importance of maintaining health and adopting a healthy lifestyle, as evidenced by data on people's satisfaction with their health which continues to increase. One method of maintaining health and running a healthy lifestyle is by consuming jamu (herbal drinks). Herbal drink in Indonesia already has a fairly broad market. To provide the needs of the community for herbal drinks, there is a outlet named Kedai DjamoeLenial in the Mampang Prapatan II, South Jakarta. The purpose of the research is to find out the opportunities in opening a business to carry out a feasibility study that focuses on financial aspects, useful for assessing the potential of the business to be carried out and to facilitate supervision and management of the business from a financial perspective in the future. The results of calculations and analysis from the financial aspect show that the DjamoeLenial Shop business is feasible to run with a project life of 5 years. Analysis of the eligibility criteria resulted in a Payback Period (PP) of 2 years and 7 months, an average rate of return of 37%, a Net Present Value (NPV) of IDR 6,836,790, a Profitability Index (PI) value of 1.1 and an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 20%. Thus the result is that this business is feasible to run.