Tourist Destination Service Capacity Analysis to Achieve Target Tourism Sector Market in Sabang City


  • Pelliyezer Karo Karo Politeknik Pariwisata Palembang
  • Hanif Hasan Politeknik Pariwisata Palembang



Service Capacity, Tourist Destinations, Tourism Market Target


The research aims to determine the capacity of tourist destination services based on three aspects: tourist attractions, accommodation, and accessibility as well as obstacles in the development of the tourism sector in the city of Sabang, so that the target market of tourists from the north and abroad can be increased. Attention to the capacity of tourist destination services in the city of Sabang should also be oriented towards convenience through ideal capacity. Analysis of tourist destination service capacity and its obstacles using the concept of the Bottleneck framework. The concept used is combined with the method of qualitative analysis supported by purposive sampling techniques. The research finds that the capacity of tourist destination services in Sabang City is not ideal. In terms of accessibility, obstacles were found due to no longer operational airport services and the limited capacity of ships in ports during holidays. In terms of amenities, there was an obstacle to the food and beverage service, such as the limited availability of seats making visitors uncomfortable. On the aspect of attractions, it was found that restrictions on the number of cultural attractions and the limitation on the number of visitors to art activities had an impact on the discomfort of the visitors during the performance.